Leomo Bike fitting

   If you've wanted to see how your body actually moves on the bike in the real world, now there is now a system that can track it. The Leomo Type-R device is a wearable motion-analysis system that tracks individual leg, foot/ankle and pelvic movements while you're out on the road. It can also sync up with your power meter and show dead spots in the pedal stroke at the entire range of power outputs and cadences. 

Do you feel your movements change from endurance, flat terrain, climbing, FPT, low or high cadences? We can now track that and see where you most efficient.  

Is one leg possibly doing more or less work because of a weaker leg?  Again, we can track that.

   We can now take feedback from the rider, bike fit information, Leomo data, and highlight areas that you might need to work on.  From there, we will look at pedaling or posture technique as well as proper bike fitting adjustments, or a combination of both. 

   Bike fitting and testing services are available, as well as PowerTap P1 power meter pedals available for rent in conjunction with the Leomo system. 

For more information on bike fitting and real world movement tracking with the Leomo Type-R in Santa Monica, Westlake or Santa Barbara, email loyalbikefitting@gmail.com

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