Motorcycle Cross Training with Jason Pridmore

   We all love two wheels, right? Well in that love years ago Nate started to get into sport bike motorcycle racing. So after a practice track day or race day and the course would be shut down he would go out on his bicycle and get in a few laps to loosen up. What better roads to ride than a race track! Some of the professional racers saw this and approached Nate. First thinking that they would give him a hard time for being in the tight and bright riding gear they came to ask for training help. From that Nate met Jason Pridmore. Jason has a few results to his name to say the least. 2003, 2012 FIM World Endurance Champion, 1997 AMA Pro 750 SuperSport Champion, 2002 Formula Extreme Champion, as well as having his own racing school- Star Motorcycle School. Nate started helping Jason with his cross training when Jason started racing World Superbike. 

    Here we are years later and Jason and Nate are back working together. Now working with the up and coming motorcycle talent. Fitness is critical for all types of racing and motorcycles can be very punishing physical when racing at the limit. The goal is go give riders/racers more endurance and strength to allow them to not just be more effective in races but also allow them to get more quality training time when on the race track. If a motorcycle racer is able to get in more quality training laps the better racer they will become. The bicycle and gym focused training gives them this. 

    If you do ride motorcycles check out Jason Pridmore's Star Motorcycle School